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About museum

Hello, dear friends!

At the end of 1980s it was obvious that Leningrad needed a museum of contemporary art. I was eagerly waiting for it, as well as everybody. I visited galleries that one by one appeared in the city. At the artists’ studios I met V. Pushkaryov, who wanted to open a museum in Moscow, and M.Shainbaum, who collected works for the Manege. I got acquainted with the collections of S.Laskin, N. Blagodatov, The Loginovs, The Chudnovsky, The Sidorovs and Frontinsky. I didn’t have an intention to compete with anybody in matters of value or quality of the collected works, but I wanted to find “the own voice” in the selection and to compile the collection like a world, reflecting my ideals of art. I was learning how to do it back then and I continue now from friends, in the first instance, from the artists of older generation, who, I regret to say, have mainly passed away by now. Looking back I see that the most valuable about collecting were not the paintings but people, who gave them.

Every success of the museum, therefore my personal one, I associate with our general progress in the matter of preservation of Russian culture, which means future for it.

For me collecting of the art works which represent the traditions was not the main goal. Although, it was necessary to trace the landmarks, to understand better what to collect further. As a result the collection comes with the works of 1920-40s, 1950-80s and then of 1990s. Now it’s becoming clearer where to move in collecting tomorrow.

Director of the State museum
«Tsarskoselskaya kollectsiya»
A. M. Nekrasov

There are more than 5000 paintings and graphic pieces in the collection of the museum now. The image of “Tsarskoselskaya kollectsiya” is mainly composed by the works of Leningrad Avant-guard of 1920-90s: V. Sterligov, M. Matyushin, V. Ermolaeva, L. Iudin, K. Rozhdestvensky, P. Basmanov etc., that can be gathered under wide concept of “picturesque-plastic realism”. There are some works of Moscow Avant-guard artists: V. Chekrygin, B. Ander, D. Mitrokhin, T. Mavrina, P. Daran. “Arefiev circle” makes an individual exposition as one of the first artistic communities in the history of Leningrad underground, there are works of A.Arefev, R.Vasmi, Sh.Shvarts, V.Shagin, V.Gromov.

The museum exists since February 8, 1991, and has a dynamic exhibition activity in Russia and abroad. For 25 years, more than 450 exhibitions were organized in museums and cultural centers of Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk, Perm, Kostroma, as well as in cities twinned with Pushkin - Berlin(Neukölln), Kalamazoo(USA), Liepaja, Riga.

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